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Lán Mær Eitt Oyra

Swangah's third release Lán Mær Eitt Oyra, and their first since 2013, sees the hip hop group working with more popular figures from other styles of music from their native, Faroese music scene, such as Danny from pop darlings Danny & the Veetos and country-singer Ólavur á Váli. 

Their rap is sung in Faroese, and the lyrical landscape suggests a maturity on Lán Mær Eitt Oyra that suits Swangah really well. 


Click here for an entire stream of this release on   



1 - Sláið Ring

2 - X

3 - Nakka' Nakkan (feat. Jákup Rani)

4 - Til Helvitis

5 - Kox Deluxe

6 - Svart Uppá Hvítt (feat. Ólavur á Váli)

7 - Capri Sonne

8 - Man Er Við-I-P

9 - Syrealistiskt

10 - Bókstavligt

11 - Hr. Cool

12 - Eg Og Mín Veðr

13 - #Summarfunk

14 - Orðið Á Gøtuni

15 - Áðrenn Vit Flagga

16 - Djemona Djús (feat. Bjartur, Klein)

17 - Takk Fyri Nú (feat. Danny and the Veetos)


Released on the following formats:

CD. Sold out. Limited release of 100 numbered copies that were individually screen printed. 

Digitally as stream and download. See the player below, where you can listen to snippets of the tracks. 


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Reviews Lán Mær Eitt Oyra
Kvørnin ummælir 'Lán mær eitt oyra' við Swangah

Kvørnin is a radio program on Faroese station KVF. Three reviewers gave Swangah's Lán Mær Eitt Oyra 6, 4 and 4 out of 6 possible.  

Hear the radio program (in Faroese). 

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