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Folk Songs from the Faroe Islands

Folk Songs From the Faroe Islands is a selection of songs from Stanley

Samuelsen’s seven albums including something new.

The album is remastered by Stanley Samuelsen at Nora Studio 2016.

All Music is composed by Stanley Samuelsen

Lyrics by: J.H.O. Djurhuus, Stanley Samuelsen, Mikkjal á Ryggi, Jacob Dahl,

Valdemar á Løgmansbø, Rasmus Effersøe, H.A. Djurhuus and Fríðrikur Petersen.

The album is released by Tutl Records.

The 13 songs with a total playing time of 47:31 are listed in english and faroese

titels. You songs are sung in Faroese.


The musicians involved are:

Stanley Samuelsen: guitars and vocals all tracks, Stig Kreutzfeldt (2,3), Marco

Santini: violin (13), Gert Smedegaard: drums (2,3,5,9), Knut Henriksen: bass

(2,3,5,9), Claus Frovin (2,3), Claus Bjerregaard: keyboard (1), Anders Roland:

guitar (12), Bill Gross: harmonica (12), Steen-Vidar Larsen: guitar (8), Øistein

Rian: guitar (8)


The album is supported by The Faroese Cultural Foundation Mentanargrunnur

Landsins and DJBFA, The Danish Composers and Songwriters Association.

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