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kólnað kaffi

"kólnað kaffi" (Meaning: cold coffee) is a simple and short song about conversation. Regretting not having asked more questions, losing your concentration, struggling with words and sometimes feeling like you're too much. Aswell as seeing the beauty in listening, hearing others stories and letting your tears feel at home in their company. The song is sung by Dania and Regin on Faroese. All instruments are played by Benjamin and Teitur. Music video is available on Youtube and Vimeo.


Music: Benjamin D. Djurhuus
Lyrics: Dania O. Tausen

El-guitar, resonator, acoustic guitar, bass, keys: Benjamin D. Djurhuus
Lead vocals, harmonies: Dania O. Tausen
Guest-vocalist: Regin A. Jensen
Drums: Teitur Isaksen

Recorded at DB Studio
Mixed by Benjamin D. Djurhuus
Mastered by Hans Poulsen

Watch the music video here:

1   kólnað kaffi

Released on the following formats:
Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.

tú skeinkir kaffi
sum tosar fyri teg
sig tína søgu
við tíni rødd
eg veit eg misti vekk
men eg vil vita
hvussu orð tey verða nógv

mítt tár tað hoyrir
heima her
saltvatnið svíður
nógv meiri aðru ferð
eg veit eg fylli nógv
nú tá tú sigur
títt kaffi kólnar skjótt

sig mær tína søgu