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The nordic indierock band Fremmand (FO/DK), is releasing the single “Vón” which means hope in Faroese.

The music is exploring the tension between dreams and desperation, and draws a line to early goth and post punk, but is also forward looking. Fremmand is fronted by the charismatic lead singer Jana Hjalgrimsdóttir, who with her all-in attitude is like the volcano Vesuvius erupting. Jana describes the song like this: “When we were going to write the lyrics for Vón, we had the starting point of a feeling, a strong sense of hope. A sense that even though there is so much injustice and that at times it seems that the world is filled with more and more hatred and loneliness, there is still hope. A hope that we can make a difference, to give a smile and get a smile back, to give a compliment to the checkout lady or lend a hand to a neighbor, that makes the day a little bit better”.

Vón shows a darker and heavier side of Fremmand, yet the outro is electronic driven with a hint of Kraftwerk, with spacey guitars.

“The music of Fremmand is a slow burning rock that we find incredibly intriguing. We were pleasantly surprised with how their sound evolves and how they craft a wall of sound that impresses.” - Matt Simon, Ear to the Ground

"It won’t be long until Jana Hjalgrimsdóttir is in the league of iconic Annie Lennox and Fremmand’s music will be on everyone’s playlists.” - Nicole Mendes, The Other side of Reviews

The song is mixed by producer Micheal Patterson at the Pleasuredome (Los Angeles), adding grid and punch to the track. Micheal has previously mixed artists such as NIN, Beck & Jay-Z.

Vón is the second single from the second Fremmand album, that will be released September 4, 2020.

1   Legendary Lover
2   Vón

Released on the following formats:
7-inch vinyl record and digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.

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