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Marbles Lost is ready with her next single 'Sumthin', which is a tribute to female sexuality, but at the same time an outcry that we as a society must stop shaming women for being sexual beings.

Marbles Lost is Faroese Maria Mercedes Lindenskov. The name originates
from the English saying: ,,To lose one’s marbles”, which means to go crazy or

In her own productions she experiments with beats and lyrics, which draw
you into her personal stories, vivid ideas and creative brain. Marbles Lost
brings you along into her divided universe.

“Sumthin” is a tribune to female sexuality, but at the same time an outcry that
we as a society need to stop shaming women for being sexual beings.
The song is written and produced by Marbles Lost. Theodor Kapnas and
George Nerantzis have made the mix and master. Everything is recorded at
Studio Bloch in the Faroe Islands.

Marbles Lost says: I wish that we didn’t have to talk about sexuality
anymore. But sadly, there’s still a lot of shame connected to female sexuality,
so of course we need to talk about it! I feel that it is my responsibility to
contribute with what I can. At least I can help to break the taboo around my
own sexuality. My worth shouldn’t be measured by how many people I’ve
slept with.

In April this year Marbles Lost released her debute EP “EnterTrouble”. She
has already established a name on the Faroese musicscene with a signing at
Tutl Records and Radio Airplay on Kringvarp Føroya.

Marbles Lost has had a busy summer with several gigs in the Faroe Islands,
including the Faroe Pride 2019.



1. Sumthin


Released on the following formats:

Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.