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The album "Vekt" is self-produced. Rebekka moved her gear in to an old cheese factory “Ostahúsið” for seven days, and recorded most of the album there. The rest was recorded and mixed by Theodor Kapnas in Studio Bloch in Tórshavn, and Sefi Carmel mastered the album in his studio in London. Guitarist Rólant Lenvig av Reyni, Keyboard player Líggjas Olsen and drummer Per I. Højgaard also appear on the album.

Rebekka Petersen has an ambivalent relationship towards music making. She loves to write and record, but feels awkward about performing. One could say that this also reflects in her introspective lyrics that tend to deal with anxieties and existential wonderings.

The title of the album “Vekt” means “Weight” in english. It is also the title of the final track on the album. The song is a reflection upon feeling heavy from time to time.


Press response:

- The song "Gloym Meg Ei" was chosen by Apple Music to be Best of the Week on the day of release.

- The album was chosen by popular German radio Radio Eins as 'Album der Woche' (album of the week) the second week of January. Listen here.

- Polish webzine Stazja Islandia gave the album 4.7 out of 5.0. 



1. Mánakvøld

2. Gloym meg ei

3. Hald eyga

4. Ampi

5. Og eg hvakk

6. Royni at telja

7. Stundin

8. Vekt


Released on the following formats: 

"Vekt" is a digital album, and therefore it is not possible to get it in any physical format. You can find it on Spotify, iTunes and many other digital platforms.