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Music from the Islands... Between the Mainland and the Sea vol. 2

Their “Music from the Islands” project was launched at the National Concert Hall in Dublin seven years ago, dedicated to music for clarinet and piano written by composers who live, work or originate from the European islands. Starting with the music from Iceland, Faroe Islands, Ireland, Great Britain, Malta, Greece, Cyprus and Italian islands, the project is now developing with music from Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, New Zealand, Tasmania, Cuba and the Caribbean. The programs, quite varied and suitable for every kind of audience, have been presented on many islands (amongstothers, in February 2016 they were guests at the Tasmanian Composers Festival, Hobart) and have always been met with a very warm response. Their programs are always carefully selected, taking into consideration the Island on which they are performing, giving audiences the best opportunity to experience their unique style of programming.

Jože Kotar and Luca Ferrini have released three monographic CDs with music by the Slovenian composers Vitja Avsec, Pavel Mihelčičand Bojan Glavina, the CD “Crystals”, a compilation of new Slovenian music. The CD, “Music from the islands” vol. 1, was released in 2017 by the Faroese label TUTL.



John Ritchie (1921 - 2014)

  Sonata for Clarinet and Piano

01. I Allegro

02. II Alla chorale (completed by Anthony Ritchie)

03. III Allegro giocoso (completed by Anthony Ritchie)

Kristian Blak (b. 1947)

04. Dialogue no. 2

  world premiere recording

Cecilia Franke (b.1955)

05. Heliolites

  world premiere recording

Dominique Le Gendre (b. 1960)

  Songs and Dances of the Islands Suite no. 2

  world premiere recording

06. - I - Biguine

07. - II - You Know One Joseph Keeba

08. - III - Time for Man Go Home

Paquito D'Rivera (b. 1948)

  The Cape Cod Files

09. - 1. Benny @ 100

10. - 2. Bandonéon

11. - 3. Lecuonerias

12. - 4. Chiquita Blues


Released on the following formats:

CD. See purchase button below.

Digitally as stream and download. See the player below, where you can listen to snippets of the tracks.

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