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Boom Boom

"Boom Boom" is the second single from Uni Debess's upcoming album, “Regards To The Roots Vol. 1”, and he has this to say about it: «It is the first in a series of three albums I am recording in the Faroe Islands, with a selection of songs fundamental to my music today. In my early days, I covered a range of blues artists and their songs, always making them my own, while developing my own sound. “Regards To The Roots” is a kind of thank you to them. In my home country, dark, stormy winters stand in stark contrast with the long, bright and gentle summers. I want ”Regards To The Roots” to reach as wide an audience as I can in order to convey the deep influences that living on the edge, in the wild and beautiful Faroe Islands, has on my blues music.»

The single preceding the album is “Boom Boom“, originally by John Lee Hooker. «When I heard the song for the first time it blew me away like it has so many other blues players. There are a few blues tunes that almost all blues bands and soloists have in their repertoire, and “Boom Boom” is sure to be one of them.»


1. Boom Boom

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Digital single as stream and download. See the player below, where you can listen to a snippet of the track. You can also press the link buttons at the bottom of the player to go to the individual streaming- and download sites such as Spotify and iTunes.