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Vík Frá Mær

First single Vík Frá Mær by Faroese, black/doom metal band Svartmálm is a testament in the atmospheric and the bleak that is to be found in the windswept North Atlantic.

Niels Uni Dam had this to say about Vík Frá Mær on KVF's Kvørnin (a radio program that reviews Faroese music): "This is the first time I hear the track. I had my earphones on and my eyes closed, and I felt like like being twisted round in a sea of blood. (...) I think their strength is that they can combine doom metal with brutal black metal, and make it quite comfortable to listen to. I think it is really good!"

All three panel members very really happy with the tune, and wanted it to be played on the radio. 


1 - Vík Frá Mær


Released on these formats:
Digital single as stream and download. See the player below, where you can listen to snippets of the track. You can also press the link buttons at the bottom of the player to go to the individual streaming- and download sites such as Spotify and iTunes.


The full album will be released on February 2nd, 2018. A vinyl release will see the bleak light of day later this year.