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Stars Divine pre-releases 7
Today, October 25th, sees the physical release --- ahead of the digital release (which is set to December 6.) --- of this beautiful vinyl single "The Recluse" by alt. rock artist Stars Divine (will be released digitally on December 6). The first 19 buyers are treated to a red, numbered edition (the remaining 138 are standard black but also numbered). The b-side is a cover of David Bowie's "Heroes" that has its digital release today. Get your copy in our store in Tórshavn or here on tutl.com.
Danish-Korean Meejah releases the single "Heroine (In Memoriam)"
Since September 2017 Meejah has played a cyclic sequence around the elements of the original Korean Flag “ Taegeuk”, which derives from ancient East Asian philosophy: Fire ☲ Thunder ☳ Mountain ☶ Lake ☱ Water ☵ Earth ☷ Wind ☴ Heaven ☰
FRUM to play concert in Madrid, Spain.
Our FRUM is among four Nordic musicians that ROSA is about to send to Madrid, Spain, to play concerts at Fundación Telefónica as part of their music festival, Días Nórdicos.
New release from Signar í Homrum
Signar í Homrum is now ready with his second EP called ‘14-17’ - after the successful ‘Myrka Nátt’ from 2013 - with five new songs all sung in his native Faroese language.
Debut Release from MOMO
In Japan MOMO means peach. And a soft velvet luscious peach gives a pretty good picture of how the band sounds. The music is easily digested, though at the same time, it is unique, deep and has an edge you can chew on for a long time.
New Release from Son of Fortune
On the 16th of June Son of Fortune’s new album will be released. Son of Fortune is formed by Benjamin Petersen (guitar, vocals), and on this debut album he is joined by Jan Rúni Poulsen (drums) and Mikael Blak (bass, keyboards). This is the first release by Son of Fortune, and it will be released on both CD and LP.
New Eivør Release
It is finally here, Eivør's new release, Slør, which TUTL has licensed through A&G Records Ltd / Absolute Label Services in the UK. The release comes just ahead of Eivør’s first UK headline tour. The record is an english version of the album of the same name, with two new live songs as well.
Eivør won an award for her album, 'At the Heart of a Selkie'.
Together with DR Big Band and DR Vokalensemblet, Eivør won the prestigeous award, 'Årets Danske Vokaljazzudgivelse' (Best Danish Vokal Jazz Release) at DMA Jazz 2016.
Eivør - Í Tokuni (Music Video)
The song, Í Tokuni, is from Slør, one of Eivør's two sibling studio albums that were released last year. This music video is directed by Heiðrik á Heygum, a Faroese visual mastermind.
Enekk on Youtube
If you're a fan of Faroese folk music, look no further. An exclusive concert with one of the most important Faroese groups of recent times, Enekk, was recently released on YouTube, and it's definitely worth the watch.
ORKA with new album and Nordic Council Music Prize nomination
We are both thrilled and humbled to announce that ORKA has been nominated for the prestigious Nordic Council Music Prize for their 2014 album "Leipzig," just days before releasing brand new album "Vað." Previous winners include Björk, Mari Boine, and NHØP.
At the Heart of a Selkie
Today marks the first album release by TUTL in 2016, and it is a special one, done in collaboration with DR, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. On the album, titled "At the Heart of a Selkie," singer/songwriter Eivør along with writer Marjun Syderbø Kjælnes, composer/arranger Peter Jensen, the Danish National Vocal Ensemble and the Danish Radio Big Band interprets a musical drama rooted in the nordic legend of the transformation of the Seal Woman, the sea, love – and the conflict of nature versus civilisation.
Roaring new release from Hamradun
Today, 23rd of October, marks the roaring debut release by new Faroese folk/rock group Hamradun. An official reception will be held at the TUTL store at 4pm, where you will be able to pick up a copy and have some coffee, tea or treats. Everyone is welcome!
Follow us @tutlrecords
In line with TUTL's growing presence online, you can now follow us on Instagram in addition to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook for new releases, tour updates and more: @tutlrecords
New single from The Mirror Men
This week, TUTL is thrilled to release a brand new 7" vinyl from rockers The Mirror Men.
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Yggdrasil - Dímun (Remixes)
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