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Noah Chaparro

Noah was born in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico and has been involved in music nearly all his life. He has been exposed to music since conception-literally. His parents were recording their first music project in the studio while he was in the womb. Not surprisingly, Noah’s musical calling manifested itself early as he began singing in Church at the age of four. Interestingly, Noah did not seriously begin his musical journey until he began to study guitar at age 11. He began to sing and record songs with his father in the studios of the radio station that his family partly owned.

Growing up in church there were a lot of opportunities for Noah to sing and play during services. Being the son of a radio station owner allowed Noah to be a part of many concerts and backstage passes. Noah was surrounded by inspiration. During this time His Passion for music grew. Noah knew he would be doing music for the rest of his life.

At the age of 11 in a cold November Noah's father taught him how to play guitar. Shortly after starting to learn, Noah began not only falling asleep with the guitar while he practiced in his bed but also writing some of his great songs.

During his teenage years Noah began producing his own music at home. By the age of 17 Noah was working from his home studio, engineering and producing music for others. At age 18, Noah became a part of a singing group called Ordained Praise. Not only did he sing with Ordained Praise for nearly 8 years but was the musical arranger and producer of their musical CD project. During those 8 years Noah experience the touring life, produced music for other groups, was invited to sing at the prayer breakfast for the United States President Obama. They had the privilege of singing the US National Anthem for a few of the Major League Baseball Yankee games. Noah has also been nominated for two Dove Awards. Ordained praise decided to go their ways to pursue their individual passions. Noah continued to write and produce his music. Together with his wife Barbara and their two children, Noah has consistently followed what he feels is a divine calling to make music that causes a positive impact in society. He has used his skills as a musician to express himself and his commitment to ministry and Noah has not looked back since then.