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Gestir were formed in the fall of 2002 and shortly thereafter were already touring the music scene and festivals across the Nordic countries, having won the bi-annual Faroese music context Prix Føroyar in the spring of 2003 with only three songs in their repertoire. Their long-awaited debut (and so far only) album Burtur frá Toftunum was released at the G! Festival in the Faroe Islands in July 2006. Gestir were also invited to play at Faroese singer/songwriter Teitur´s special Christmas show at the prestigious Store Vega in Copenhagen that year and secured an international booking and management deal as well as interest from international record labels. However, due to bandmembers moving to different countries since then, the second album is still to be released.

Gestir sing in Faroese, and the style has by the Nordic reviewers been described as a mixture of melancholic indie and dreamy spacerock with a friendly nod to the likes of Radiohead, Sigur Rós, Kent and Jeff Buckley.