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Herborg Torkilsdóttir

Herborg is a singer/songwriter from The Faroe Islands - 18 beautiful small islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Sea. She was born and raised in the Faroes. In 2001 Herborg moved to Denmark and lived there for 15 years. In 2016 she moved back home with her husband and kids. They are currently living on a tiny island with a population of 200 people. She states "I LOVE MY LIFE HERE”. "I love to be back home and I love making my music".

During her years in Denmark Herborg worked as a prison guard; ”A career I do not miss. However it's a life-experience I wouldn’t want to be without. I met a lot of different people during that time, and they’ve all helped me become who I am today, the good and the bad". Working with addicts and alcoholics was very rewarding. Especially being a positive part of someone’s battle to change their lives for the better."

"I try to portray heartfelt, easy going music that is simple and hopefully will touch the listener, just as I am touched by the music I listen to. I grew up listening to Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Kate Wolf and others and they are all my influences". 

"My genre is Americana, Country and Folk and I try to speak to people’s hearts”.