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Dania O. Tausen

Dania is a young Faroese singer and songwriter. She studies Creative Writing and has a huge love and interest for expressing herself in Faroese, her mothertongue. For english lyrics there is her co-operation with the dutch producer .SØN (the single 'let you down') and her debut EP with the band Reality Bytes is in both English and Faroese.

Reality Bytes won the Faroese music competition, Sement, that year because of their exciting arrangements and experimentation of several genres (such as funk, soul, jazz, pop etc.) and because of the strong lead vocal and choir. Reality Bytes was also nominated for 'Album of the Year', 'Song of the Year', 'New Name of the Year', 'Band of the Year' and 'Female Singer of the Year' at the Faroese Music Awards 2019. 

Dania has sung and written ever since she was a child, but it was not until she was in college that she started sharing her voice and songwriting outside of church too. She started experimenting with jazz after singing with Tórshavnar Big Band for an 'Ella Fitzgerald Tribute' in 2017 and a 'Golden Age of Swing' concert in 2018. In 2019 she wrote the lyrics for two songs together with composer, Magnus Johannesen, for the contest of new arrangements for Tórshavnar Big Band. The one song of which she co-wrote with her fellow songwriter, Eyðfinn B. Lamhauge, won the contest.

The first single she released with her own name, Dania O. Tausen, was released in April 2020 and is yet another style. Her strong voice is taken down for a simple song with focus on her songwriting. In 'alt annað enn vanligt' you can hear that she went with a whole different vibe working with her 19 year old cousin Benjamin D. Djurhuus at his home studio. 

Listen to Dania's single, 'alt annað enn vanligt' or Reality Bytes' EP on any digital platform you like.