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Laurens Joensen

Laurens Joënsen, is a guitarist and songwriter from Amsterdam.
His father is from the Faroe Islands and his mother is from the Netherlands, where he was born and raised. He always had a strong connection with the Faroe Islands. When he was small he travelled there a lot and was influenced by the musical traditions of the Faroe Islands and the old songs his father taught him.

When his father passed away in 2018, Laurens returned to the Faroe Islands for the first time in 20 years to see his family. He felt the strong urge to make an album in the Faroese language as a tribute to his father and to reconnect with his roots. He started writing songs and instrumentals firmly rooted in the Faroese soil, to make a spiritual cross-over between the Faroe Islands and the Netherlands.
He started a collaboration with Martin Joensen, the famous Faroese songwriter to help him translate the lyrics he wrote in his mothertongue.
Storytelling songs in neo-folk style with blues and bluegrass influences.
His music will be released on the Faroese TUTL label.

This summer Laurens will perform as a duo with Martin Joensen this in the Faroe Islands. The tourdates are:

6 July Maggie’s Nólsoy
9 July Hvonn Tórshavn
10 July Gjógv
11 July Norðlandahúsið
12 July G! Festival