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In Klingra, Afenginn's seventh release, composer and bandleader Kim Rafael Nyberg has crafted a quiet yet fervent post-classical/post-rock exploration into the temperament of intertwined cycles. Both the music and poetry (in Faroese) are composed by using cyclical patterns of unequal size. Like the gears in a clock, the parallel themes intersect at points, creating contracted dissonance or lifting consonance. The overarching experience is deeply contemplative and melancholic, with the light of emancipation emerging on the horizon.

The team of musicians on Klingra come from many corners of the Nordic countries. From The Faroe Islands there is Teitur and Dánjal á Neystabø on pianos, Mikael Blak (Eivør) on bass, and Ólavur Jákupsson (Yann Tiersen) singing in Faroese. From Norway the percussionist Knut Finsrud, from Denmark Niels Skovmand on violin, Ulrik Brohuus on drums and guest appearance by The Danish String Quartet, and from Finland the composer Kim Rafael Nyberg. Accompanying the release of this album in Spring 2019, there will be robust tours throughout Europe, the US, and Australia.



The Danish music magazine Gaffa calls Klingra "a masterpiece" and gives it 6 out of 6. Read the article here (in Danish).


Concerts (winter/spring 2019):

25. Jan: Reinsaríið, Tórshavn (FO)
26. Jan: Mentanarhúsið, Fuglafjordur (FO)

2. Feb: Folk & Fæstival, Esbjerg (DK)

8. Mar: Port Fairy Folk Festival, Port Fairy (VIC, AUS) 
9. Mar: Port Fairy Folk Festival, Port Fairy (VIC, AUS) 
10. Mar: Port Fairy Folk Festival, Port Fairy (VIC, AUS)
11. Mar: Red Rock Regional Theatre, Cororooke (VIC, AUS) 
12. Mar: The Spotted Mallard, Melbourne (VIC, AUS)
13. Mar: Ainsley and Gorman Arts Centre, Canberra (UCT, AUS)
14. Mar: Camelot Lounge, Sydney (NSW, AUS)
15. Mar: Blue Mountains Music Festival, Katoomba (NSW, AUS)
16. Mar: Blue Mountains Music Festival, Katoomba (NSW, AUS)
17. Mar: Blue Mountains Music Festival, Katoomba (NSW, AUS)
22. Mar: Herbst Theatre, San Francisco (CA, USA)
23. Mar: St Ignacius Church, San Francisco (CA, USA)
25. Mar: Cate School, Carpinteria (CA, USA)
26. Mar: Rolling Hills United Methodist Church, Los Angeles (CA, USA)
28. Mar: Pasadena Presbyterian Chruch, Los Angeles (CA, USA)

6. Apr: Holmens Kirke, Copenhagen (DK)
11. Apr: Hotel Cecil, Copenhagen (DK) 
12. Apr: Tøjhuset, Fredericia (DK)
13. Apr: Radar, Aarhus (DK)
25. Apr: Old Town Hall, Gdansk (PL) featuring Pawel Szamburski

1. May: Dreikönigskirche, Dresden (DE) 
2. May: Maschinenhaus, Berlin (DE)
3. May: Bunker Ulmenwall, Bielefeld (DE)
4. May: UT Connewitz , Leipzig (DE)
5. May: Brotfabrik, Frankfurt (DE)