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JASMIN is a music project that is shared by four young people from the Faroe Islands - Bergur Fonsdal Johannesen, Vinjar Egilsnes Petersen, Harald Fonsdal Johannesen and Jasmin Mote. The group calls their music genre for electronic soulpop.

The Faroe Islands is an unspoilt country with a violent nature, where life is characterized by proximity and presence among people. JASMIN's music is very inspired by this very special atmosphere, which is always present in the Faroe Islands, but they have also chosen to mix it all with an array of R&B and electronics, which contributes to the music - not just a local but also more of a global feel.

The title of the project has been named after the group's front figure, singer and songwriter Jasmin. Jasmin writes and makes the songs, while the entire group arranges the music.

"My great inspiration for writing and making music comes first and foremost from the Faroe Islands, where I have grown up, but I also have roots in Kenya, which has influenced me a lot. The North Atlantic eagle is a constant source of inspiration for all of us and is also the reason why the entire project got started at all. In the Faroe Islands, the music environment fills up very much, and there are many talented artists that the members of JASMIN look very much up to. We are for example highly inspired by Konni Kass, Eivør and Teitur," says Jasmin.

Keep an eye on JASMIN in the future because they are an upcoming band with great goals and ambitions to work hard to move on up.


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Watch the music video for Baby Blue: 

Directed - Jenný Kragesteen
Styling - Jenný Kragesteen
Make up - Annika Sigurðsdóttir
Helping hand - Laila Mote