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Kari P.

Kári P. is the artist name of Kári Leivsson, born in 1950 in Tórshavn. Kári started singing and playing the guitar in dance orchestras in the second half of the 1960's. Later, in the 1970's-80's he was a troubadour in the Faroese environment in Copenhagen. Back then he produced the EP record 'Bláa húsið og aðrir sangir' (1971) and 'Mitt í eini meining' (1972) with his friend, Per Nyholm Debess. 'Vælferðarvísur' was produced in Iceland in 1978 and 'Hinumegin Ringvegin' was released as CD in the Faroe Islands in 1991. Kári got an M.A.Jacobsen award in 1995 for his lyrics and in 2010 he won a Culture Prize.