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Music Walk

-Enjoy a personal guided tour through the fascinating old town of Tórshavn
-Discover the landmark sites of the incredibly rich Faroese music history from the etnic 'skjaldur' song tradition and medieval dance ballads to the renowned Kingo hymns
-Get introduced to today's remarkable, vibrant and successful music scene in the Faroes
-Enjoy a warm cup of coffee in the cozy TUTL shop afterwards with an audiovisual addition to the tour
-You will have plenty of time for questions and digging through TUTL's extensive record collection
-You get a 10% discount off all records
-Tour is led by local expert in Faroese music, culture and history
-120 DKK (children half price) (min. 6 ppl) / Tuesdays at 4.30pm (2 hrs) / from June 20th to August 16th 2016 / Language: English (also available in French, German, Scandinavian)
-Buy tickets here on the TUTL website, at the TUTL shop or Visit Tórshavn
-We meet and embark upon the tour from the TUTL shop in the centre of town
-We also arrange for extended music walks with larger groups, bringing along musicians and/or performers of the traditional Faroese chain dance in national costume.
-TUTL, Niels Finsensgøta 9c, 100 Tórshavn, +298 31 45 04,

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