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Jallgríms Kvæði

'Jallgríms Kvæði' is the first single from Hamradun's upcoming second album, 'Hetjuslóð', which will be released on November 29.

'Jallgríms Kvæði' is an old Faroese heroic ballad about the chieftains Jallgrímur and Havgrímur who refuse to pay taxes to the Norwegian king Harold. In the story there is also a giant who comes down from the mountains and demands Havgrím's daughter. Both of the chieftains are slain in the end. One of Harold's men kills the giant, marries Havgríms daughter Ingibjørg and takes over the disputed land.

The band’s sound and arrangements have evolved on 'Hetjuslód', that sees its release 4 years after the self-titled debut, but still there is a clear line from their 2015 beginnings to today. Legends and stories from Faroese history are still being told. Additionally, the album features interpretations of two almost-forgotten Danish ballads. They are sung in Gøtu-Danish, which is the dialect of Danish spoken in the Faroe Islands for centuries. This is also an album where all the members have played a larger role in arranging and writing material.

Hamradun is a folk-rock band from the Faroe Islands. The band is a mix of musicians from different musical backgrounds getting together to form their own particular sound. The music builds on Faroese legends and stories of the past, together with centuries-old ballads performed in their own native language, spoken by only 52.000 people. It is important for Hamradun to tell the stories of the past, and interpret the old ballads called “kvads” with modern musical instruments to give them a new sort of life.



1. Jallgríms Kvæði


Released on the following formats:

Digitally on all major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). You can check it out on the player below.

'Jallgríms Kvæði' is a lead-single from the album 'Hetjuslóð', which will be out on digipack CD.