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The 4th single (and last before the release of the full album) is now available on Spotify and wherever you stream music. It’s called Eftirskjálvtin (The Aftershock) and is one of the two openings on the A-side on the vinyl edition, and the last track on the digital and CD version of Klingra.

It starts rather softly with an ascending piano figure setting the pace and with the second piano slowly gearing in to the clockwork – played by Dánjal á Neystabø and Teitur. Gradually Maggie Bjorklund enters on pedal steel guitar and The Danish String Quartet on…well, string quartet, before we hear Ólavur Jákupsson singing in faroese:

Dottin úr skýggjum, borin av nýggjum
Sjáldan sá vakrari andlitsbrá
Brostin til jarðar, stokkin upp frá
Sjáldan sá vakrari brá

(Fallen from the clouds, born again
seldom saw a visage more lovely
Crashed to the ground, sprung up
seldom saw such a beautiful brow)

…together with Mikael Blak on synth bass and followed by the two drummers Ulrik Brohuus and Knut Finsrud and Jakob Johansen on the trombone.

All beautifully mixed by August Wanngren.


★★★★★★ – Gaffa (DK)

“The music is solemn and absolutely beautiful. It moves in fascinating cycles, all contributing to the experience that everything is thought through, and that this is an absolute North Atlantic masterpiece – thanks to the strength of the compositions, the excellent texts (…) the full orchestra management, the instrumental virtuosity and the otherwise excellent production.”



1. Eftirskjálvtin


Released on the following formats:

This single is released digitally and is also found on the full length album 'Klingra', which is released on CD and vinyl. The album is set to be released digitally on October 11, 2019.