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Release event for Lea Kampmann's 'Common Blue'
This Saturday, October 14th, at 14:00, Lea Kampmann will release her debut 'Common Blue', and invites you to come share the experience with a little concert and record signing.
FRUM to play concert in Madrid, Spain.
Our FRUM is among four Nordic musicians that ROSA is about to send to Madrid, Spain, to play concerts at Fundación Telefónica as part of their music festival, Días Nórdicos.
New release from Signar í Homrum
Signar í Homrum is now ready with his second EP called ‘14-17’ - after the successful ‘Myrka Nátt’ from 2013 - with five new songs all sung in his native Faroese language.
Debut Release from MOMO
In Japan MOMO means peach. And a soft velvet luscious peach gives a pretty good picture of how the band sounds. The music is easily digested, though at the same time, it is unique, deep and has an edge you can chew on for a long time.
New Release from Son of Fortune
On the 16th of June Son of Fortune’s new album will be released. Son of Fortune is formed by Benjamin Petersen (guitar, vocals), and on this debut album he is joined by Jan Rúni Poulsen (drums) and Mikael Blak (bass, keyboards). This is the first release by Son of Fortune, and it will be released on both CD and LP.
Free concerts in TUTL this week
Every Friday and Wednesdays during June, July and August this summer, you can treat yourself with a free concert in the TUTL shop. The artists vary from each concert, but it is always cosy. This week the artists are Heðin Ziska Davidsen and Son of Fortune
New Eivør Release
It is finally here, Eivør's new release, Slør, which TUTL has licensed through A&G Records Ltd / Absolute Label Services in the UK. The release comes just ahead of Eivør’s first UK headline tour. The record is an english version of the album of the same name, with two new live songs as well.
Free TUTL Sommer Concert, Sigmund, 16:00
Every Friday (and Wednesdays during June, July and August) this summer, you can treat yourself to a free concert in the TUTL shop. The artists vary from concert to concert, but it is always cosy. This friday, Sigmund is the featured performer.
Free summer concert in TUTL: MonkeyRat Duo
Every Friday (and Wednesdays during June, July and August) this summer, you can treat yourself with a free concert in the TUTL shop. Usually it is at 4:00 PM. The artists vary from each concert, but it is always cosy.
Free TUTL Sommer Concert, Hans Andrias 16:00
Cancelled: Free TUTL Sommer Concert, Monkeyrat Duo, 15:50
Asyllex - release event
Terji Messel - Blues concert
Release concert for new EP, Landið Sum Ongin Sær, by Elinborg
Come and see Elinborg play some good tunes from her new EP, Landið Sum Ongin Sær, in the TUTL store, February 10th at 17:00.
Release concert for new solo album, Fuglar, Fiskar & Fólk, by Kristian Blak
New album by Kristian Blak, Fuglar, Fiskar & Fólk, will be released next Friday, and we have the honor of having him play in the store at 16:30.
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Syng Meg Heim Til Slignan Bø Og Turkiløg
Ólavur Højgaard
This is Ólavur Højgaard’s first album in ten years, and it is is called “Syng Meg He…
Kim Hansen, Sofus Høj
Lagna is a collaborative record between songwriters Sofus Høj, Kim Hansen and Kaj Johannesen, with invi…
Hví Sakni Eg Teg?
Rannvá Álaberg
New single by Rannvá Álaberg has now been released. It is called “Hví Sakni Eg Teg?…
Let It
The new single Let It is a song about free will and determinism. We are born of the world and we are born into…
Kapnas spælir Blak
Mattias Kapnas
Mattias Kapnas is a classically trained pianist with a lot of energy and soul. One of Mattias Kapnas's idols i…
Solo Piano
London Solo Sessions
Early in 2017, Eivør recorded three solo songs in London-based Harley St. Studios. Now they are being r…
Indie Pop
Common Blue
Lea Kampmann
("BUY" is found beneath the videos below)Common Blue is the first EP coming from young Faroese artist, Lea Kam…
Summar (feat. FRUM)
Here it is, the latest dream pop single from Steso, featuring FRUM on vocals.  Tracklist:1 - Summar…
Signar í Homrum
14-17 is Signar í Homrum's second EP release. It consists of five Faroese songs. Tracklist:&n…
Singer / Songwriter
Tað sum var
Døgg Nónsgjógv
Indie Pop
Dagur legst at degi
Eyðun Nolsøe
Although it is his first album in ten years, Dagur Legst At Degi shows that Eyðun Nolsøe has b…
Balkan Mountains
All Outta Fucks!
Adapt to Land
The debut album by Danish/Faroese Elvito. Elvito is a project by Bastian Lahn Petersen and Rasmus Borðoy.…
Electronic / EBM
Lost and Found (A Musical Journey to 18th-Century Tórshavn)
Svabonio is a musical project aimed at bringing to life the music of Jens Christian Svabo (1746-1824). Svabo (…
Eat Silk
Vinyl and digital single, "Eat Silk", from Ranchus, where they make sure you don't forget that they are the nu…
Ongantíð Sum Nú
Signar í Homrum
Banana Pop
So eg vil vera
Signar í Homrum