13.03.2015 / Torfinnur Jákupsson
Faroese Music Awards 2015
Tomorrow night, the Faroese Music Awards 2015 will be held in the Nordic House for the second year running. We high-five this celebration of Faroese artists!
14.03.2015 - 20:00
Norðurlandahúsið/The Nordic House
Sold out!

In today's Ó-beinleiðis interview with Súsanna Samró on Faroese newsfeed, Portal.fo, Rólant Waag Dam, organiser of the Faroese Music Awards (FMA), explains how it all started and some of the changes that have been implemented this year.


-Last year was the first time we organised the event, and we've used the working metaphor before of 'building the plane, as it takes off.' We knew it wasn't ideal last year, even though it turned out really well and was well-received by musicians, nominees, judges, and others who participated alike," reflects Rólant.


-But there was other feedback, and we subsequently decided to invite all the participating parties around the event, which has now achieved quite a big scale, to an assessment meeting, where we discussed the awards and the event - what worked and perhaps didn't work so well. Thankfully, there were a lot of things that worked really well, and which we decided to keep the same, but there were also a few things to be looked at closer, among other things the system of SMS/text voting," explains Rólant.


-There were many who thought it wasn't such a good idea to keep the audience voting as part of it, due to many reasons, and it was duly discussed at the assessment meeting. It was summed up quite nicely by Sunneva Háberg Eysturstein, we thought, in that the Faroese Music Awards aren't to be seen as a popularity contest, it isn't X Factor, but an awards show for the musical arts," underlines Rólant.


-We took those discussions onboard and have therefore now decided that the awards given are by the selected committees of judges alone within the various categories - but you and me and everyone else at home is still much very a part of it all, which is why we've introduced the Audience Award for Best Live Band or Artist, still given through SMS/text voting," concludes Rólant.


This new Audience Award has proven popular with texts streaming in, before the big event tomorrow, i.e. the 14th of March, with the deadline for voting set for midnight tonight. You vote by sending a text, including 'FMA' + 'live' + 'artist name' to (+298) 1940. Your text will simultanouesly be thrown in the mix for the chance to win a ticket to one of the Faroese music festivals this summer.


The actual awards show will run about three hours and will be broadcast live in the Faroese media as well as streaming online at KVF.fo, with 21 awards set to handed out to the winners among 68 nominees as well as 15 live performances spicing up the awards show.


All of us at TUTL high-five this celebration of Faroese artists, and do make sure you give your thumbs up to the Faroese Music Awards here!

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