03.03.2015 / Torfinnur Jákupsson
Image: Courtesy of HULDA
Album release concert with HULDA
On Saturday, the 21st of March, Grót brings HULDA to Tøting.
21.03.2015 - 20:30
Tøting, Syðrugøta, Eysturoy
100 DKK for Grót members / 150 DKK for non-members

Music organisation Grót will bring new emerging artist HULDA to the stage in Tøting on Saturday, the 21st of March.


HULDA's music attracts international appeal, but maintains steadfast Faroese roots. The new debut album, HULDAsound, is recorded and produced by Jens L. Thomsen, and together with him, HULDA has uncovered a unique expression.


Fresh off a Nordic tour, HULDA will perform songs off her new album, which will be available for cut-rate purchase, along with electronic virtuoso SAKARIS.


Warming up will be Jana Hjalgrímsdóttir and Allan Tausen, who got their musical breakthrough in the Faroes about 15 years ago with the group Marigold, which was one of the very first Faroese indie rock outfits to emerge on the islands.


Although Jana has been missing from the music scene lately, through his work with such figures as Marius Ziska, Allan still remains one of the most prominent Faroese music acts around, as a multi-instrumentalist, lyricist and composer, and recently released his own solo album, titled Unknown, where Jana returns in her own right as singer.