24.06.2017 / momo
Debut Release from MOMO
In Japan MOMO means peach. And a soft velvet luscious peach gives a pretty good picture of how the band sounds. The music is easily digested, though at the same time, it is unique, deep and has an edge you can chew on for a long time.

Furthermore, in Japan momo is an expression of well-shaped hips on a woman, which strangely enough also gives a pretty good image of the catchy synthpop bursting through the speakers when you play MOMO.


MOMO describe their music as being pop, and the band is now ready with their debut album, on which all the lyrics are characterized by the continuous fruit theme, that runs throughout the whole album.


Although, the duo, has neither been to Japan nor have they been working in an orchard. They're just two musicians who lured one of the best producers in Scandinavia to take a bite of their apple. 


On each song on the debut album, MOMO presents a new fruit, which gets the lead role in the absurd poetic universe.


The lyrics are created as simple catchy frases, which also can be read as complex poems with metaphors gathered from tales and myths in cultures from near and far.


Together with producer Rune Borup MOMO has made music that brings summer euphoria to even the most foggy day in Scandinavia.


MOMO is Stephan Sieben and Dánjal á Neystabø.