12.06.2017 / Sólvá
New Release from Son of Fortune
On the 16th of June Son of Fortune’s new album will be released. Son of Fortune is formed by Benjamin Petersen (guitar, vocals), and on this debut album he is joined by Jan Rúni Poulsen (drums) and Mikael Blak (bass, keyboards). This is the first release by Son of Fortune, and it will be released on both CD and LP.

Benjamin Petersen explains the Son of Fortune project like this:

"On a full moon night in July 2015, me and Jan Rúni took our instruments into
an old rehearsal space in Fuglafjørður, Jan Rúni’s hometown.

"We used this rehearsal space, which is normally occupied by the local brass
band, intensively during our teenage years and in this familiar room, the
music instantly started to flow through us.

"Ideas emerged, riffs, melodies and sounds were captured on a tape recorder
and all of this was to become “Son Of Fortune”. So during this full moon night
of insomnia, a new era had begun.

"Shortly after we went into Studio Bunkarin together with long time friend and
musical partner Mikael Blak where we arranged and recorded the album

"For 5 days in August, also around a full moon, our unique correlation was
captured by engineer Fred Ruddick who also mixed the record.

"The musical landscape we had created called for a poetic lyrical landscape.
Jóanes Nielsen and Petur Pólson two famous poets from the Faroe Islands
were used to to provide the music with a deeper sense of mystery, magic
and refined taste."