09.11.2016 / Olivur
Konni Kass Release Listening Event in the TUTL store
November 11 is the release date for debut album, 'Haphe', from Konni Kass, and to celebrate this, they will have an intimate listening event in the TUTL store at 4:30 PM.
11.11.2016 - 04:30
Tutl store - Káta Hornið

The long awaited album from Konni Kass, "Haphe" will be seeing the light of day on November 11. There has been great hype the last year, where they have been to such places as Spot Festival in Denmark, Reeperbahn Festival in Germany, and to Iceland Airwaves Music Festival, and have gotten loads of positive feedback. Mind you, this was all before they even had an album out! But now they will with 'Haphe', and what a brilliant record it is. Will be released in these formats: Vinyl, CD, digital.

The listening event will be in the TUTL store at 4:30 PM, November 11.