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Son of Fortune

Son Of Fortune came about in an old rehearsal space in a remote town in the Faroe Islands, Fuglafjørður, which is located in the bottom of a bay. This room, which is mainly used by the local brass band, would prove to be just the right environment for the group.

The two friends Benjamin Petersen (vocals and guitar) and Jan Rúni Poulsen got together on a full moon night in 2015 in the rehearsal space, and the inspiration was so strong by the lonely, lunar companion that the whole record would result in being an ode to it.  

Together with long time friend Mikael Blak they recorded 'Fullmáni' (Faroese for 'full moon') during a full moon cycle. 

The talented artist Jón Sonni Jensen, photographer Beinta á Torkilsheyggi and Maibritt Marjunardóttir created the beautiful cover.  

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View the song Gróðrarbotnur:

View the song Verið góð við mánan (studio session):