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Son of Fortune

Son of Fortune 

Voodoo Pop

Son of Fortune hails from the Faroe Islands, a small group of islands located in the north Atlantic Ocean.

The rawness in the weather and the breathtaking scenery on the islands shine through in Son of Fortune's songwriting and the way he plays his beat up old Stratocaster. From raw Rock n' Roll to dark folky landscapes, the music challenges you, but at the same time you feel at home.

As a sideman Son of Fortune has played with Faroese artist like Teitur and Eivør, but he has also played with living legends like Kris Kristofferson and Larry Gatlin.


“Island rockers, windswept and epic”

“The music takes shape in the tension between
unconditional riff rock and enchanting songwriting.
In my opinion the best Faroese record of 2017”

“Sounds that are somewhere between silence and storm,
rainy dusk and magic midnight sun”
Nothing But Hope and Passion

Won four Faroese Music Awards in 2015 for the album
“Ave”, which was a collaboration with poet Petur


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