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Dóttir is a Copenhagen based trio with roots in The Faroe Islands, Denmark and Italy. Their debut EP “Division” was released the 6th of April 2017 in collaboration with the Faroese record label TUTL.

They released their very first single in 2014 and from there on they have been playing concerts mainly in The Copenhagen arena. In October 2015 their songwriter, lead singer and former of the band, Súsanna Herálvsdóttir, toured Russia as a solo artist together with other Faroese artists from the record company TUTL (Kristian Blak, Yggdrasil, Marius Ziska, and others).

Dóttirs music can generally be described as alternative Nordic and moody rock, which takes the listener on a melancholic and poetic journey into the north following unbeaten tracks. The synergy of droning bass, shamanic drums and dreamy echo-guitar creates a stepping-stone for eerie vocals.

The sound moves in a ghostly and mystical universe and is shaped like mountain scenery, where the listener floats between valleys of crystal-clear intimacy and vigorous heights/passages. In live shows the music becomes more raw and edgy, though without loosing its moody vibe and melodic character.

In 2017 Dóttir released a 10" EP, Division.

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